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The biggest spring clean ever!

on March 20, 2013

I calculate I have moved house 20 times. So far. The next move will be my 21st. I’ve lived in seven different counties, three different countries, two different continents.

Surely by now I might be reasonably competent at moving? But when I received the letter this morning telling me my house buyers wanted to move in next week (!!!),  I admit my initial reaction was panic. Because a week isn’t really that long for finding a new home for me and the kitties.


My friend told me firmly that since I was in God’s hands, there was no better place to be. And that helped.

Then I made lists. Drew flowcharts of what had to be done when. And that helped.

Then I made some phone calls and the whole process began to fall, remarkably easily, into place. Panic has been replaced by a kind of controlled excitement which will no doubt fizzle back into something less pleasant – but this time I’ll be ready for it. And knowing that I’m held securely in God’s hands and in the prayers of my friends makes a huge difference.

I used to think I was like a snail. When young, I travelled very light and could make ‘house’ anywhere very easily. This time, I want to strip back the accumulation of the years and find that lightness again. I’d like to hold William Morris’s recommendation as my motto: “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

I’m looking forward to there being a great big skip outside the house for all the rubbish, the chipped, the ugly, the useless that has lurked in cupboards for too long! 2013: the year of my biggest spring clean ever! And I’m looking forward to it.



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