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Toys for… girls?

on March 22, 2013

I have a new toy. This morning the lorry arrived with my skip on the back! How exciting.


All mine!

All mine!

And I’ve started filling it.

This is fun! I love it.

I started in the shed at the bottom of the garden. Two very holey-with-woodworm garden chairs – which I used to love before the worm appeared and the fabric perished – were first to go. Then the other two rusty metal ones, again with perished fabric. I’ve been longing to get rid of these for ages but since they won’t fit in the standard municipal wheelie bin, they were a bit of a problem. No more!

Then the white plastic table. Ancient and no longer white. Not to mention three-legged instead of four. Again too big for the wheelie bin. Gone!

How glorious is that echoing clang when I throw something into my skip. Almost as much fun as smashing bottles at the bottle bank (another job that needs to be done before departure).

As I amble around the house, I am seeing everything with new eyes. Everything has to go, but there are five categories of going:

  1. skip
  2. charity shop/s
  3. auction house
  4. store
  5. come with me

I’m planning… hoping… that the last category will be the smallest. And I’m beginning to feel exhilarated at the sense of fresh air that I’ll enjoy when the junk has gone, when the too-much-stuff that has cluttered my living space has vanished.

It means I can bring the things I really love – which meant taking two of my favourite pictures which have not graced my walls in many years to a specialist picture framer to be refreshed and repaired.

Early this evening, I’m viewing the one available property in my town that is within my budget and will allow me to keep my cats. It’s all a little nail-bitingly cliff-hangery but I’m hanging on to God and trying so hard to trust, trust, trust!!!

Behold” says God,”I am the Lord, the God of all flesh. Is anything too hard for me?” Jeremiah 32:27



2 responses to “Toys for… girls?

  1. Sounds like a lovely refreshing spring clean! I’m sure your cats will be happy with the extra space for sleeping too! Bisous Bailey

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