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Identifying the essentials

on March 23, 2013

I used to love programmes like Bargain Hunt where people spot treasures that can be purchased cheaply and sold at great profit. I hope this still works in our current economic climate because I’m planning on divesting myself of lots of stuff to the local auction rooms before I move.

I went to look at the house I’m going to rent again today and did some measuring up to see what of my furniture will fit and what won’t. Quite simply, all my dining room furniture has to go. Which is fine with me. I wasn’t all that attached to it.

Someone else's hoard!

Someone else’s hoard!

Isn’t it a funny idea: getting attached to things! Visualise what that would look like if we could see the strings between us and our possessions. What a tangle! And what horrendous un-freedom! (Not to mention care and maintenance and insurance and…)

I wonder if I have nomadic ancestry. I love the idea of travelling light.

I’ve just sorted through all the books in my sitting room, asking myself what I’d really miss if I didn’t have them with me over the next six months. Answer: very little indeed. I’d much rather store the ones I may want to read again and have the pleasure of rediscovery six months down the line. The rest are bagged up for charity.

What can’t we live without? I reckon very little when it comes to the crunch. But I’ve ring-fenced enough glasses to have a nice house-warming party with my friends once I’ve moved in!



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