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Relying on the Reliable

on April 2, 2013

A while back, there was a popular book called God of Surprises by Gerald Hughes. You need to know He ain’t out of surprises yet!

Today was packing day. A two-man team from the removals firm arrived early and got stuck in, and by 2.30 pretty much everything was in strapped-up boxes. But they were gentle and pleasant, and careful to make sure they left what I would need for tonight and tomorrow morning. And when something got packed by mistake, were gracious and sorted it out for me with neither comment nor complaint.

As for my other two ministering angels – one brought KitKats to go with the pots of tea she plied us with, and sandwiches for lunch. The other arrived bearing her best vacuum cleaner and magic defeat-any-grime cleaner and set to with verve.

And when they had all gone and I felt washed up on the shore, a surprise visit from a friend having a day out in the area. Perfectly timed to lift my spirits.

How good is the God we adore! His mercies are never-ending, and new every morning. Which is just as well since I’m relying on Him for tomorrow morning’s move too!

As my Mum said when she thought she was dying and declared she wasn’t worried about it: the good Lord hasn’t let me down so far and I’m sure He won’t let me down now!

Me too, Mum.


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