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Chez moi

on April 10, 2013

One week.

This time last week I had barely arrived here. The removals men were stacking every available space with boxes. And I was wobbly with illness and a bit emotional.

Today, I’m feeling much better all round. I’ve unpacked quite a lot and started to make the place feel like my home. And this is it:

Digital Image

It is a pleasant small terraced house in a quiet street. The sun floods into the front bedroom window in the morning and then warms the conservatory in the afternoon. (Lucy has already bagged her place there!)

Being on a hill, it provides healthy exercise at no extra cost – and I have taken full advantage of the work-out offered by the fairly steep slope up to my door. I’m aiming for a walk/constitutional every day, weather permitting. A friend who used to live in a nearby street reckons I’ll trim and tone in no time! We shall see.


One response to “Chez moi

  1. Fran says:

    It looks really cosy. Have a great time settling in.

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