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Back to routine

on April 11, 2013

Today is Thursday. You may have noticed already.

But for me Thursday is the day I take my husband out from the care home.

Our usual pattern is a short drive to a nearby town. (He’s a city lad and has no interest in scenery or the natural world.) There he goes walkabout round the charity shops, buying second-hand books. Then we meet up for lunch – always with a big glass of red wine for him. Then back to the home so he can have an afternoon nap.

But dementia is a degenerative disease and for the past couple of months, the downhill has become steeper. Last week, while I was having flu and moving house, he was having falls. Outside. And being brought back to the care home grazed and bruised. But apparently – and this is the blessing – not in the slightest bit distressed.

The home management called in a doctor who checked blood pressure – normal – and declared that the wind must have knocked over this 14-and-a-half stone man. Two days running.

Anyways, the home management are monitoring carefully and have forbidden any solo excursions. This meant that today’s perambulation round the charity shops had to be accompanied at all times. And I was made even more aware of the downhill progress. Slow walking has become shuffling. Lifting feet over steps requires conscious effort. Comprehension was random.

But we came away with three carrier bags of books and tummies filled with a delicious Chinese lunch.

'Our' table in our favourite Chinese restaurant

‘Our’ table in our favourite Chinese restaurant

And when I got back to the new little house, I drove myself out and down the hill into town to the post office to post a letter, then back the long way round and up that strenuous hill – and that really helped! There are always silver linings.


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