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A day in the life

on April 12, 2013

Robert Burns, I assume because he was male, divided the human population into mice and men. While as, I’d like to think, an older and wiser female, I can recognise this dichotomy as well as, of course, the frogs and princes, and men and boys dichotomy, I do feel there isn’t an equal equivalent for the female of the species.

I spent this afternoon with a bunch of girls. Hey no. Make that a bouquet! We were all aged over 21. In fact I doubt any of us was under 61. But judging by the laughter, I’d suggest a level of youthful cheerfulness enhanced by our chronology.
Digital Image

I’ve heard it said that youth is wasted on the young. I’m convinced that a sense of our own mortality, tinged by the sharp edges of experiencing the mortality of our loved ones, makes the good things of life the more precious. Things like time to live, laugh and love. Time to eat yummy cakes with big cups of cappuccino or pots of real fruit tea. Time to enjoy the company of our friends. Time.

As we become aware of time growing shorter, it seems to me we’re challenged to make what time is left even more productive, even more wonderful, even more value-added.

Like the blaze of colour that accompanies autumn, I long for this phase of my life to blaze with colour and joy and laughter. And I’m grateful for this afternoon’s outing with my friends as one bright piece of that mosaic.


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