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Getting comfortable

on April 13, 2013

When does a new home become home?

Today, I achieved two significant milestones. First, I cooked – a Mediterranean fish stew, enough for my lunch and three portions for the freezer; and currently in the slow-cooker is a chicken and mushroom and tarragon casserole, enough for tomorrow’s lunch and three freezer portions over.

My second milestone was christening my new washing machine and taking advantage of the sunshiny breeze to get two loads of laundry hung outside to dry.

Digital Image

Domesticity. Getting down, cheerfully, to necessary at-home tasks. I wonder if this is part of the settling-in process? Mastering the kit – and each oven, hob, washing machine, freezer has its idiosyncrasies! – makes for a sense of comfortableness. Of being able to do this. Here.

Funny how in no time it will all be automatic and taken for granted, just as it was in the old house. But for now it’s new.

Maybe we need change to stop us slumping into taking our whole lives and relationships for granted, including our relationship with God. Precious in His sight, He never takes us for granted!


One response to “Getting comfortable

  1. Helen Murray says:

    Comfortable sounds nice.
    Happy New House.

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