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Lovely Sunday

on April 14, 2013

With that irrepressibly British mix of optimism and pragmatism, I set out for church this morning in the spring cream linen jacket clutching my umbrella, just in case. In the event, the rain held off and the optimistic first outing of the season for the lighter jacket was vindicated.

My lighter clothes have languished in the wardrobe but hope springs that they’ll see the light of day soon. And some long awaited sunshine.

I’d thought a walk would be pleasant this afternoon – one of the few things deemed suitable for a Sunday in my youth by my strict father. My friends and I used to set out – such nice girls – for our Sunday walk… But somehow boys were always involved. One friend seemed to have a built-in radar for where the nicest boys would be hanging out so we could simply amble by, apparently uninterested and unconcerned. One walk discovered our current hero playing his guitar (gospel songs, of course) perched on a bollard at the harbour.

Castletown, Caithness

Castletown, Caithness

Today, I had part of a book left to read on my Kindle: the latest Ruth Galloway by Elly Griffiths. And if course once I got stuck in, it had to be finished. Next in the queue is the latest Mirabelle Bevan by Sara Sheridan, and the breeze has got up and the sky has grey patches and I must save some energy for my second service today, mustn’t I?! So I think it’s time for a cup of tea and that new book, backed by a wonderful soundtrack of Rachmaninov on Classic FM.

Lovely Sunday!


One response to “Lovely Sunday

  1. Day says:

    This sounded so lovely. Every blessing!

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