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Time to get writing again

on April 16, 2013

I’m feeling it’s time. I think I’ve unpacked enough, started to feel settled enough… I’ve even got my books and Bibles enough unpacked and shelved to be able to prepare for my services on Sunday.

So I reckon I’m at the “enough already” stage and it’s time to get writing again, get back to the novel.

Work in progress

Work in progress

But a couple of things stand in my way – or are presenting themselves as plausible excuses: first, a busy diary. I seem to be much more popular, or maybe just more accessible, in the new house. I’m enjoying seeing all my lovely visitors, and going out for coffee. It’s quite simply my fault: I need to get back into my morning routine!

OK, that’s the first excuse demolished!

The second one is a sick, and currently in hospital, laptop. Which leaves me with the iPad which ain’t great for serious writing, and an unfamiliar and rather slow and not hooked up to the Internet standby laptop. I’m told all will be resolved in a few days. But as you know by now, patience is not my strong suit!

Of course I could write on the laptop. Second excuse demolished!

Why am I dragging myself so unwillingly back to work? It’s really strange when I know I’ll be much happier once I’ve got started again! And so I’m sharing this in an attempt to nudge myself back to the novel! Do please feel free to enquire about progress or nag!


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