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Return of this blogger

on May 2, 2013

Wheee! I’m back.

I got my laptop back from laptop hospital yesterdayand although in the sorting-out process, new and unfamiliar versions of various crucial programs have popped up, no doubt I’ll get used to them.

But oh, frabjous joy! The familiar keyboard, the comfy WordPress format… and I can download my pics. So here are the latest of the cats and the new house.

Digital Image

That’s Bella on the fence, Lucy on the ground. They are settling in well, Lucy quietly, Bella vociferously.

Digital Image

And I’m settling in too. Lots of lovely visits from lots of lovely friends have helped enormously, and it is a lovely little house. It will suit us – meand the cats – very well for the summer. And maybe this time, I’ll start looking for the next place sooner!!



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