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Down with niggles

on May 7, 2013

I thought I welcomed change. But as Bella the talking cat comes into my study complaining that as far as she’s concerned it is now supper time and  she wants fed NOW! – I realise that, like Bella, I’ve been going around complaining in my head.

I moved house almost exactly five weeks ago and I have to confess I’m not yet feeling at all settled where I am. I still can’t find things – like the research notes for the novel – despite having properly unpacked lots of boxes and checked all the others. (I’m going to have to restart that process. Groan.)

This week I’m going to try out a new routine with my husband. He has declared that he’s not really that keen on going out on Thursdays and would prefer that I visited him more frequently at the care home, so I’m planning to go in for tea two or three afternoons a week. I think this will enable me to monitor his care and his condition more effectively. Tea, however, is served at 3 p.m., inconveniently early. I hear the complaint and dislike myself for even mentioning it!

I hate feeling like a Moaning Minnie but I seem to have let a scratchy gaggle of niggles get to me. Quite unreasonable when we’ve had a run of beautiful days and the trees are leafing up, the birds are nesting and singing, and the flowers are blooming.

Digital Image

I took this picture while having coffee at a friend’s house this morning. She has amazing green fingers and her garden is a joy to behold.

Funny how niggles can steal our joy if we let them. Definitely time to fight back!


One response to “Down with niggles

  1. MOLLY MARTIN says:

    Excellent thought- I need to learn that lesson too!!!!!

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