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Memory fixes

on May 8, 2013

Day One of the new regime.

I duly presented myself at 3 p.m. to find my husband and three other residents in the large, warm but airy conservatory. One lady  was asleep. The other had taken herself to the far side from the others and was sitting in solitary splendour. She had also taken it upon herself to close the door to the outside world to the loudly expressed annoyance of the other male resident. There appears to be a bit of a running battle there!

‘Three o’clock?’ came the response to my arrival. ‘More like four o’clock before the tea arrives.’

So we waited.

My husband began a story about the Swiss owners of a Scotch whisky firm who engaged his services in recruitment many years ago. This was followed by a mangled version of a rather good story about a Doberman. My husband had been interviewing senior candidates in the lounge of a West Country hotel which had been set apart for his purposes. However, it is difficult to communicate that to a dog who is used to having the run of the house. This animal stood so tall and the interviewee’s chair was so low that when the dog appeared, its eyes were on a level with the candidate… whose reactions were interesting! Those who withstood this experience turned out to be the better candidates for the job and so ‘The Doberman Test’ was born, and found its way into print.

Not a Doberman - just a very nice dog!

Not a Doberman – just a very nice dog!

I had brought my laptop with me, having returned it en route to laptop hospital for some final tweaking – which involved the neat and painless removal of the too-small memory and the insertion of a much larger one.

As I listened to my husband trying to tell his story, I wished it were possible for human memories to be fixed so easily!



2 responses to “Memory fixes

  1. Brilliant story! I love the idea of the Doberman test!

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