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A different kind of Thursday

on May 9, 2013

No joint outing today but a need to get myself to a bigger town to buy the right kind of sim card for a dongle. Isn’t it amazing how these words have become taken-for-granted and familiar? Not so long ago, they would have been strange and mysterious. And a century or two ago would have been open to charges of witchcraft or magic, and the perpetrators would have been in danger of burning at the stake or hanging as witches and warlocks.

Times change. When the first train offered transport for passengers, it was felt the high speeds would not be safe for ladies and it took time for intrepid females to climb onto the benches in the open-top trains and enjoy the ride.

Today, I decided I would have an outing of my own so I took the train from my home town all the way up the coast to Lowestoft for the princely cost of £4.30 return (reduced thanks to my Senior Railcard), duly purchased the sim card, loaded with 90 days’ internet time – and then let myself loose to shop.

I am not a dedicated shopper. Browsing and mooching round shops is not my idea of fun – rather the opposite I’m afraid – which is why the standard Thursday outing with my husband who loves shops was slightly more sacrificial than it would appear! However today, being free to choose which shops to enter, I had fun. My selection began with Waterstones (all those books!), Rymans (all that stationery!), WHSmith (books and stationery!) – and I admit to three shops which sell ladies’ clothes. Too, too boring. I came away with three plain t-shirts from M&S and one plain t-shirt from the local department store, where I then had lunch before heading back to the railway station.

Digital Image


Digital Image

The train left exactly on time and the journey home took 34 minutes. We wended our way through water meadows where plump cows and tiny calves grazed, past woods with the beginnings of bluebell carpets, and the train slowed conveniently at the fascinating boating centre at Oulton Broad so I could grab a picture.

Digital Image

Then past people’s back gardens and finally home, well-satisfied with my outing.

I’ve been pondering grace and love this week as I prepare for two services on Sunday. Today’s outing has given me a much-needed tonic. I come back to my desk feeling I’ve benefited from a good dose of both grace and love today! So, may the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with us today and always. Amen.





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