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Celebrating Thursday lunch

on May 16, 2013

Name three things beginning with P that would appeal to a money-wise foodie.

My choices are:

1. Profiteroles

2. Prosecco

3. Prezzo

And I’m back from our Thursday outing having enjoyed all three!

I signed up to the Prezzo mailing list ages ago and have taken advantage of many of their special offers. Having zero pride linked to a decidedly Scottish thriftiness, I had always put my birth date down on the various forms in the hope that there would be a special offer for my birthday. And this week there was! A free bottle of Prosecco.

This was good news. My husband loves his glass of Shiraz on our days out, but when it comes to bubbles, his favourite tipple has always been Prosecco. So Plan A for lunch today was our favourite Prezzo (Beccles) and that free bottle of Prosecco.

Digital Image

Because I would be driving, I planned a long leisurely lunch with calamari (another joint favourite) as starter, and maybe even a pudding to finish off.

Here Prezzo has come up with a winning idea: a small helping of pud alongside your coffee. And on offer were profiteroles, my favourite pud of all time.

Digital Image

For those of you on diets, I apologise, but I’m sure I’ve given fair warning in the past that I am a genuine, unapologetic foodie. And the profiterole was yummy!

We had a delightful outing – good food, lovely bubbles, and general cheerfulness.

Two birthday treat lunches in a  week that celebrates that milestone serenaded by the Beatles with the chorus ‘Will you still need me? Will you still feed me?’ I don’t think I need to worry about that! (But the diet starts tomorrow!)




One response to “Celebrating Thursday lunch

  1. That’s my kind of birthday too …

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