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Busy like the bee

on June 11, 2013

Tuesday is usually my busiest day. I attend one gathering of friends round the scales and the coffee-pot in the morning, and then a second gathering around the Bible in the afternoon.

I love my Tuesdays. Both are gatherings of lovely Christian people and good fellowship is guaranteed!

Digital Image

But first to the keyboard and another session on the novel, racking up a satisfying word-count. Now however, it’s time to plunge back into my research notes and feed my mind with background facts and images. I’m moving into the final furlongs and I want to make sure I get it right!

Last week I took a daring step: I rang the removals firm and said they could come and take away the empty packing boxes. We agreed a date and that gave me a deadline. I need deadlines! I had already unpacked lots of boxes but there were still more. My deadline gave me the impetus I needed – and there were, as you’ll imagine, shrill cries of joy when I unearthed the box with my research notes, timelines and background reading.

This afternoon, on my return from my day’s meetings, I settled down to check what happened to the real-life people in my story in December 1921 and January 1922. How glad I am that my early journalistic training programmes me to take copious notes! I’ve got more material than I had realised so my story will be the richer.

It’s the tiny details that delight me – or annoy me when I can’t find exactly what I need. Today’s niggly annoyance was my spell check’s apparent ambivalence.  It allowed me both seasick and sea sick. I think this is where I go back to my print Oxford English Dictionary. I trust it!


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