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No writing today

on June 13, 2013

No writing today. I tried to get my head round the time-lines – who was where, when, and doing what — so I can weave the characters’ stories together in correct chronological order. There are now three main threads and a couple of lesser ones. Great fun but adding to the intricacy of the weaving!

I’m realising I need a bit more background to situate my romantic lead in the right places at the right times,and I’m not quite there yet – so I was back at the online newspaper archives searching for more news stories.

And of course Thursday is the day I take my husband out, so despite the stormy grey skies, I topped up the tank with petrol and set off. Plan A was a visit to the man who buys and sells vinyl — LPs etc — with John’s LPs and EPs. We’ve been meaning to do this for ages and John comments every time we pass the sign outside the man’s house.

Today we did it — and came away minus one EP and the better off by a fiver! The man wasn’t interested in the others but this — a strange, probably never-played record by an unknown Japanese singer in Japanese with the sleeve notes in Japanese — seemed to interest him!

The fiver went, not surprisingly, towards John’s glass of red wine!

The ever-faithful Shiraz

The ever-faithful Shiraz

Plan A Part 2 was a return visit to a riverside pub which serves excellent food, situated on the outskirts of Woodbridge (the Wilford Bridge) . Today we discovered they’re offering two courses for £10 – so we snapped that up. Didn’t do the diet any good but John enjoyed it!

And so another Thursday draws to a close. Funny how a day without writing is never so good as one where I’ve managed even a few hundred words. Maybe tomorrow!


2 responses to “No writing today

  1. Even writers need a day off to mull over things and have a break sometimes. It is lovely to hear you had a lovely day with John. Hope you feel refreshed by the good food!

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