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A road strewn with pitfalls on the way to a happy ending

on June 18, 2013
A rose from my own garden

A rose from my own garden

Not a lot of words written today but significant progress as the word count creeps up – over 69,000 in total today – and the story moves to denouement and completion. I’ll be sad to see them go, these lovely people I’ve spent the last year and a half with. I hope there will be readers for their story who will feel the same way!

What I did today was move a chapter about the romantic interest (he’s called Frank Everett) to where it belonged chronologically – which I now know because I worked on the time lines yesterday. And that makes a difference. I can see where to weave in the next Frank chapter – which will be about Jock Troup’s time in Dundee in late 1921. It was a very exciting time and there’s a wealth of first-hand accounts to draw on for background and atmosphere.

I only wrote 300-400 words today to tidy up the previous section and introduce the next one. What I really need to do now is think! My heroine, Lydia, and Frank have got themselves into a real tangle. Lydia has jumped to unwarranted conclusions about Frank and he’s puzzled but determined to present himself as an acceptable suitor. To add to the complications, Frank witnessed something in the First World War when he was a chaplain – something that Lydia’s younger brother, Robbie, who was also there at the time, has spent his life hiding, to protect his parents who idolised his older brother.

When Robbie met Frank again in his sister’s company in Great Yarmouth and realised that the pair were attracted to one another, he knew he had to keep them apart in case Frank blurted out what he knew. Frank, so far, has not remembered what it is – but he knows Robbie has a reason for his disapproval of his relationship with Lydia.

This is going to take some working out but I’m determined to give Lydia her happy ending!



2 responses to “A road strewn with pitfalls on the way to a happy ending

  1. Cameron Reid says:

    Dear Mrs Stewart
    I attended a gospel service in Jarvis Street Baptist Church, Toronto, Canada in 1948 at which a Jock Troup from Scotland preached. I was saved after hearing his message. I wonder if the Jock Troup about whom you are writing is the same person. If you have any information on his ministry in Canada I would very much appreciate learning about it.
    Thank you,
    Cameron Reid
    May 17, 2014

    • Dear Mr Reid,
      Thank you for your message. Yes, it would have been the very same man! The book you need is Revival Man, the Jock Troup Story by George Mitchell, published by Christian Focus. There’s a section at the end mentioning the various churches he was invited to in Canada.
      kind regards

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