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Roses all the way

on June 21, 2013

The words are mounting up on the first draft of the new novel: 72,128 words in total as of this morning. Both yesterday and today I managed a good morning session of writing and I’m wondering how much the daily application of fingers to keyboard builds momentum and keeps the story going? I’m happy to put in an hour tomorrow morning but simply will not work on Sunday. Hopefully I’ll be able to pick up on Monday where I left off on Saturday.

My afternoons seem to have got filled up with events and outings. Yesterday our Ladies-who-live-alone group went to Peter Beales’ rose nursery in Attleborough, Norfolk. The weather could have been sunnier, the roses a bit more fully open – but it was still a happy excursion in good company and the roses were magnificent.

Yes, these are blue roses!

Yes, these are blue roses!

Wonderful irises

Wonderful irises


Ginormous alliums (allia?)

Ginormous alliums (allia?)

Tea for fourteen in the bistro followed quite a bit of shopping for the other ladies. I managed to withstand all temptation – even the lemon cream meringue roulade the friend who sat next to me tucked into!

All that was left!

All that was left!



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