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Carpe diem

on June 27, 2013

Thursday and no outing. My husband’s physical health is causing some concern and he had an ECG on Monday. Today someone from the surgery was due to come to the home and tell John and his carers what the results are. Because the timing was, shall we say, flexible, our usual outing had to be cancelled. So I was at a loose end.

Life being short, and sudden free days few and far between, I decided to seize this one. And splurge it (after my statutory hour on the novel — another 1250 words) on…. having my eyes tested in Specsavers, Lowestoft. Yes, I do know how to have a good time! (Or at least, I used to!)

Anyway that’s what I did, setting off for Lowestoft by train – which is a treat.

Halesworth railway station

Halesworth railway station

Digital Image

The countryside is very beautiful at the moment. Wild roses clamber up the railway embankments. Poppies spread sheets of red-orange beauty on the fields. There were lots of horses today in small roped-off enclosures. Some sleek brown cows with small calves. And purple rhododendrons.

Each time my lenses need changed, I have to buy three pairs of spectacles: one for normal day wear, one with tinted lenses for driving, and one for reading and close work. My adviser today wasn’t a Gok Wan lookalike but he was just as brilliant at finding frames that flatter!

I tend to go for an unobtrusive everyday pair but then branch out a bit for driving specs (who sees them as I whiz by?) and especially for reading glasses. These are my work glasses, the ones I spend most of my time in and so, if they make me smile when I open the case before donning them, they have contributed to my well being — and possibly even my creativity. Aided and abetted by ex-saxaphone player Steve, I have chosen three great pairs of specs and am looking forward to picking them up next Friday.

What I’m pondering is: if my laptop, pens and paper are allowable against tax as essential expenses, why aren’t my glasses? At the very least, the reading glasses?

Having paid the full amount up front, every little would help!





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