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You lift me up

on July 4, 2013

82,128 words and counting! Plan A was to finish the novel by end July. Plan B was for completion by the end of this week. Now I’m looking at some time next week. I don’t want to rush the denouement and mess it up, so I’m going to exercise patience and self-control and take it nice and slow!

After that, thanks to Sara Sheridan for reinforcement of my inclination to let the whole book rest – or cool, if you prefer a culinary analogy! I’m thinking of setting it aside for a couple of weeks and taking another look at a crime novel I wrote a few years back to see if I can rescue it, before plunging back into synopsis writing, revising and editing.

Those of you who know Thursday is a John-outing day may be surprised at the level tone of this blog. It’s been a good day. We went to the Olive Tree in Ellingham/Kirby Cane and had a delightful lunch there, thanks to the recommendation of a friend.

Yesterday evening I went to see a film with another couple of friends.

Today I’m realising just how valuable and precious my friends are and how brilliantly God supports me through the support of my friends.

We had coffee this morning at our favourite cafe at the harbour at Southwold. Right beside it, a lovely big crane (I like heavy machinery!) was getting ready to lift a boat.

Digital Image

As we watched, the cables holding the boat tautened and effortlessly the boat lifted off the ground.

Some days I feel beached, even shipwrecked. Today I feel lifted. Thanks, friends. And thank You, my Heavenly Father!


2 responses to “You lift me up

  1. So happy to hear you’ve had a good day! Love the photo too. =^.^=

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