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For the caregivers

on July 5, 2013

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I see them, blank-faced with exhaustion,

shepherding their blank-eyed charges,

going through the motions of life,

Jim, but not as we know it.

Instead of conversation: the repetitious fielding

of the same confused story,

answering today’s question,

over and over.

Instead of relationship: supervision, watchfulness,

the tensed body and mind on the alert

to leap to assistance, prevention, protection.

Instead of give and take, the constant drain

of give, give, give, give.

This is the extra mile. However many

miles you walked together before –

if you were lucky enough to walk any –

this stage is the extra mile.

Deal with it. Do it

with grace, for grace enhances

even this. The alternative

is to be

one more squashed hedgehog

on the road.


2 responses to “For the caregivers

  1. Caroline Masom says:

    That looks like the path round the back of St Felix School….

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