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Done it!

on July 6, 2013

There’s a sadness about coming to the end of the novel I’ve been working on. Yes, I want my heroine to have her happy-ever-after… but I don’t really want to leave them!

However, tomorrow, I shall probably see the lovely people who started off the spark for this story and I want to be able to report that the book is finished, so I sat down this morning and wrote the last chapter.

Digital Image

I’ve kept a record of my word-count on an index card and on a spreadsheet. The card tells me that a year ago, I’d only reached 30,000 words. The competed first draft totals at 83,836.

The plan had been to commit to doing one hour’s writing each morning or 1000 words, whichever came first. If I’d really applied myself, I’d have reached the finale sooner – but I don’t think the story would have been so rich, the characters so rounded. It takes time.

I’m glad I’ve had the time to write this book. I’m grateful to Peter and Alice for being the trigger, that Sunday last year when they had kindly invited me to lunch after I’d led worship at their church. And I’m especially grateful for the strengthening of my faith as a result of the reading, research, thinking and writing I’ve done along the way.

Now I shall take a break from this book. I need to tidy my study, and find the typescript of the crime novel I wrote several years ago so I can read it through and decide if it’s worth more effort. And then, in around a couple of weeks, it will be time to return to my friends from the Fishermen’s Revival, hopefully refreshed and a little more objective so that I can revise and polish their story as they deserve!


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  2. Concatulations! =^.^=

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