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Busy, busy…

on July 10, 2013

The plan was to read rapidly through the typescript of a crime novel I had written several years ago, in order to assess whether it was worth revising and sending out again. So far, although I have actually found the thing and it’s sitting in pride of place in my study, I have not read a single word. There is simply too much going on.

Who said ‘Life is what happens when you’ve made other plans’ or words to that effect? Well, this week appears to be a life week.

The care home where my husband lives held its Relatives and Residents meeting this afternoon, so I had to attend that. It’s  a great opportunity to find out what’s going on from the manager’s viewpoint as she reports on the intervening period since our last meeting. She always tells us what plans she’s got for the future, and what changes will be happening.

Today’s meeting was well-attended by residents but only four relatives turned up. It was a cheerful, reassuring meeting with everyone in good heart. Afterwards we had time for a cup of tea and chat and admire the gardens.

Digital Image

On Saturday, the Summer Fete will be held so I shall be down there to help with that. I rather think I need a summer frock. One of the ladies was agreeing with me that there’s a difference between a dress and a frock – to the complete bemusement of the elderly gentlemen around us! I think it’s quite a subtle difference, qualitative somehow. Anyway, I must somehow find the time to squeeze in frock-hunting. The picture in my mind’s eye – which pretty much guarantees I won’t find it! – is of something with flowers on in my favourite jade and blue and white.

I’m not a frock type. I live in jeans. But in this hot weather I reckon a frock would be bearable. I do have a plain beige linen button-through dress (note the word) in my wardrobe but I’m not 100 per cent confident the buttons would button or stay buttoned all the way up the front!

And then of course tomorrow is Thursday so it’s John-outing day. He has a birthday soon so we’re having the special lunch out tomorrow. It’s booked and should be rather nice.

Whew! But it’s nice to be busy. Nice to be spending most days this week with people. And nice to be doing nice things! I can get to the book next week, can’t I?



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