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Blessings indeed

on July 12, 2013

I want to go and sit outside in the garden with one of the books I borrowed from the library this morning so I’m writing the blog earlier than usual.

The cats are flat out asleep on the conservatory floor, basking in the heat. I’m planning on a comfy chair and a large-brimmed hat … plus a long cool drink.

One of the benefits of this late hot spell is that all the roses are in full bloom. I prefer old-fashioned, gloriously perfumed roses rather than the modern plastic variety.

There are three roses in the tiny strip of garden alongside the path to my front door: one is producing yellow roses, one huge white roses, and the last deep red roses. All perfumed. Glorious!

Digital Image


Digital Image


Digital Image

Since I discovered Ann Voskamp’s blog (A Holy Experience) and her book  (One Thousand Gifts), I’ve been counting my blessings every night determined to reach at least three I can wholeheartedly thank God for. I’m getting close to the thousand and tonight I’ll put in these wonderful roses.

I feel like the children of Israel in the Promised Land as I enjoy roses I neither planted nor pruned! Blessings indeed.


2 responses to “Blessings indeed

  1. 20angel13 says:

    What beautiful roses! I’ve also recently discovered Ann Voskamp. Her book is stunning and a real incentive to live in the moment. Thanks for sharing Dorothy.

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