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Reaching our readers

on July 23, 2013


London Christian bookshop in church - not where I was today!

London Christian bookshop in church – not where I was today!

I have just spent three hours in a Christian bookshop. I was filling in for a friend who could not do her usual duty slot. It’s useful for a writer to have a chance for a leisurely and unpressurised browse of the latest titles – and any catalogues that are available.

The only book purchasers who came by were looking for a Bible – specifically The Message. Happily we had one in stock and I was able to sell it to her, though she was horrified at the price (originally £22.95). I know Christian publishing is a niche market, but must the books be so expensive?

And so many American! On the counter was a copy of the Authentic catalogue for 2013. I leafed through it and found several appealing titles but I wonder how relevant it is to a British book-buyer that a writer is a ‘famous conference leader’ or ‘up and coming pastor’ somewhere in the USA?

My own next book will hit the shops on 15 August here in the UK. Still Caring mines my own experience as a carer faced with the terrible decision to move a loved one into residential care. The first part of the book treats that situation, then moves on to the settling-in period with all its hassles and upsets, and then the final one-third covers the seemingly endless grind as you settle down into visiting and caring at arm’s-length.

I know there are a lot of people in the UK in each of the stages covered by the book. I know they are suffering and struggling and desperately need help. And I know I did and still do.

But my book is written from my Christian viewpoint. It consists of a short piece about a specific situation I’ve encountered, a relevant quotation from the Bible, a prayer, and a self-care suggestion. And I wonder will the ‘religious’ aspect put people off – people who might find this book really helpful and supportive? And if it is only sold in Christian bookshops how will non-church people ever know about it?

I know my publishers will do their best. And I will too – although I find the apparent self-promotion required to publicise the book cringe-making! I also find talking about my husband’s dementia upsetting. But both are necessary. I’m glad I’ve got a few days to get myself into gear!





2 responses to “Reaching our readers

  1. Amy says:

    Your book sounds very wonderful and very necessary. I will be recommending it to people.

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