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Vote, vote, vote… like Jesus?

on July 29, 2013

Delicious coolth. (Well, if we’ve had warmth, why not coolth?) I zapped down to Southwold to pay my husband’s dental fees and the temperature dropped a degree every few miles.

Digital Image

I hear the tap-dancing of welcome rain on the conservatory roof. But if I sensibly wear my jeans to weigh-in at Slimming World tonight, won’t I weigh heavier than last week when it was so hot I turned up in a thin skirt?

Bleh. Life is full of decisions. That reminds me of a joke about long-ago Communist Russia: two Communists agreeing democracy would be a bad idea because then people would have to make decisions, whereas Communism saved them the effort.

Sometimes, though, the only decision we can seem to have is  to whinge or put up with it – whatever ‘it’ is. The range goes from selling-off the Post Office, cancelling the 111 service, dismantling the NHS — OK, OK, I hear you. Too political for a Monday afternoon.

But maybe politics is on my mind after watching the one o’clock news. Depressing. But this evening the nine candidates for the five seats on our local council are appearing before the electorate to introduce themselves. Brave! I’m told they are a motley crew – sorry, diverse. Newbie firebrands and hardened politicos, familiar faces and issue-driven concerned citizens. It sounds like a good variety to me so I shall turn up to take a look at them.

The meeting is being held in our church. I think that’s good too. Jesus upset the Establishment in His time and, though we’re meant to be law-abiding citizens rendering to Caesar what is Caesar’s, we’re also meant to do radical things like loving our neighbour and not simply looking out for ourselves. Christianity is a very political religion, challenging the basis for policies.

Basically if you can’t see Jesus voting for it, we shouldn’t vote for it either. Simple as that.

Oh, the rain’s stopped. Already. Bleh.




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