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Lunch thoughts

on August 9, 2013

At last – a peaceful Friday!  It’s been a busy few weeks and I’m glad of a day going nowhere.

Yesterday, as always, was John-outing day. He’s not walking so much now so I thought a longer drive and a special lunch would fit the bill. We headed off down the coast to Butley Orford Oysterage,

Digital Image


a renowned if unpretentious fish restaurant in a tiny village with a parking problem. Yes, there’s a large car park but not within walking distance and I haven’t yet got round to getting a disabled parking permit. (Note to self: must do!)

I’d discussed the outing with Jesus and when the idea of Orford came up, I mentioned the parking problem. How come I’m always surprised when there’s no problem? You guessed it: it looked like there was no space, then as we drove round, there was the perfect space within a few steps of the restaurant! Thank You, Lord!

The food was wonderful. For the foodies among you, we started with one serving of home-made taramasalata and one pot of home-made potted shrimps, and swapped halfway! We followed this with grey mullet, meltingly fresh, and new potatoes, and a beautiful dressed crab with loads of salad. Yum! And wine: Merlot for him (his usual Shiraz was not available) and a Pinot Grigio for me. All taken at a very leisurely pace and rounded off with lots of coffee.

The folks at the next table had a mixed smoked fish starter and lobster. I mention this to explain why I’ve included the third pic!

Digital Image


Digital Image

I probably should have taken the pics before we started so you could enjoy how lovely it all looked, but our focus was on eating!

It was an excellent – and expensive – meal, but worth every penny. And as life creaks on, maybe there’s a case for splashing out now and then to help us  ‘not weary’ as Saint Paul would have it. So often we focus on the empty shells, forgetting the succulence of what we have enjoyed!




2 responses to “Lunch thoughts

  1. Fran says:

    I think God must have a Parking Angel specifically put in charge of parking, because there are probably thousands of people all at once praying for a space! Sounds like a lovely lunch.

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