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No escape

on August 12, 2013

Now the hard work really begins: typing in the corrections scrawled all over the first draft typescript.

Digital Image

It’s going to take discipline, such a mechanical, tedious task.  Maybe I should revert to my first hour of the morning discipline. It may take quite a while but steady does seem to win the race!

I corrected the first six chapters today. At this rate it will take ten days. And I’ve a long list of facts to check, my timeline to finalise so I really do know the ages my characters were at various points in their lives, and so on. And then, last but very definitely not least – and most dreaded of all – the synopsis must be written.

Is there anybody out there who does not dread synopsis-writing? For some reason it is the writer’s bogeyman, remaining hidden till the very end but then unable to be banished. It has to be faced and vanquished.

Fighting talk. And necessary. If you’re scared of anything, the sure-fire way to defeat is to slink away, give up, go away.

I nearly did this about something else this weekend. By Monday I was planning an escape to the West Country to give myself a little break. But a wise friend spotted the word ‘escape’ and confronted me, gently, about my bad habit of running away. It is, I admit, something I have been very good at in the past. I either get myself physically out of the situation that troubles me/threatens me or I batten down the hatches and go into a form of hibernation till the danger is past!

My friend, bless her, showed me there was another way: stay put and trust. No need for any fighting. God has promised to take care of me. So I stayed put and trusted to the best of my ability and discovered many blessings in the weekend that I would have missed completely if I’d done my scuttle.

I’m glad I stayed. And I’m sure I’ll be happy once I’ve faced up to writing the synopsis!


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