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To plug or not to plug?

on August 21, 2013

Writers  write. Isn’t that right? Unfortunately, that’s not the end of the story. Writers, once published or self-published, have to put their shoulders behind the publicity and promotion of their books otherwise hardly anyone will ever know about them — and all that work will be wasted.

Let me be frank: I really dislike making cold-call approaches to local newspapers and other media. My basic assumption is

  1. that I’m being a nuisance
  2. that I’m embarrassingly blowing my own trumpet.

I do not like this. Invariably, however, I am met with pleasantness and a welcome – which always amazes me! I put down the phone or sit back from reading the email with surprise and joy all over my face. And of course, the feeling that I’ve been an idiot leaving it for so long when it’s so pleasant and easy!

You would have thought I’d learnt by now. After all, Still Caring…. pause to show off its gorgeous cover again….

Still Caring - web

is my tenth published book. And I used to work in book publishing! What is the matter with me?

I’m racking up approximately one book a year at the moment. That really isn’t long enough to justify amnesia! But I’m still shy of taking the book out of my bag and showing it to people! Telling people about it. Though once I’m behind a microphone or in front of a camera I’m fine.

I was brought up to believe that it was seriously bad form to boast. The Bible supports this view: boasters do not get a good press (unless you’re St Paul!). But as writers, we need to get over ourselves on this. Christian writers write not to glorify themselves but to serve their Lord – and if nary a whisper gets out about your excellent book which would help loads of people, it’s a bit like burying those talents in the ground. (I join you in the OUCH! And for those of you too scared to send your work out to publishers….)

So there we have it: writers write and promote their work. And we can do it graciously and unpretentiously. Those of us who still blush (and I admit even at my great age, I still do!) can even add one of those in a becoming manner – while we plug our books to the best of our abilities! Onwards, friends!




2 responses to “To plug or not to plug?

  1. Thanks Dorothy, I wandered into our local bookshop today to browse around, and found myself telling them about my new book. They were really helpful!

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