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Editors are lovely people who want to hear from you

on August 26, 2013

Writers, whether published or self-published, have to get involved in promoting their book — or no-one will know it exists. But where to start?

My advice is start close to home. There are two bookshops in my home town and both are going to stock my book so I want to direct prospective buyers to them. The way to do that is by using local media. In my area that includes:

  • the monthly free newspaper
  • the weekly paper
  • the parish magazine
  • my own church magazine
  • BBC local radio
  • local community radio

Then you need to make contact.

Draw up a list of names and phone numbers. Internet research will give you the details, or you can simply phone and ask who is the correct person to speak to. Have ready a local-interest slanted press release with a good jpg of the book cover and relevant-locally details about you. (I’m using ‘Halesworth author’s tenth book’ as a local hook.)

Then pray — remember this is about God’s glory not yours! — and make that first phone call.

You will find a pleasant, interested human being at the other end of the phone. Magazine editors, newspaper editors and chat-show hosts need fresh new material — and that means you and your book! Make it relevant to their readers/listeners and they will want to use your material.

So once the chat is over, send that press release etc straight away by email. Get a copy of the book in the post to them. Follow up at once! An early success will build your confidence and you’ll start ticking off the hits on your checklist.

My book has wide national appeal.

Still Caring - web

Dementia, care homes and carers are hot topics at the moment so all the relevant specialist organisations will need to be alerted. Because the book has a Christian bias, it may not be as easy to promote as a secular book on the subject – but again, remembering that this is God’s work and He’s in charge is a good way to counter fear and rejection!

Nowadays we’ve all kinds of electronic ways of promoting our work: Facebook, Twitter, blogging and guest blogging, reviews on Amazon and GoodReads and suchlike.  (I’m not so hot on these areas and would really welcome input from those of you who are!) Much of that depends on kind friends and people who have read the book and genuinely approve of it. It’s well known that some authors flood the ether with self-written accolades – but again, as a Christian writer, this isn’t allowed! Integrity will always win the day.

As the prayer by Sir Francis Drake (1540-1596) says: “Lord God, when you give to us your servants any great matter to do, grant us also to know that it is not the beginning but the continuing of it until it is thoroughly finished which yields the true glory.”

And the publicity and promotion is an essential part of the finishing of the publication of our work.



3 responses to “Editors are lovely people who want to hear from you

  1. scskillman says:

    Thank you for this, Dorothy. This is such a helpful post and I will save it to refer to when I’m promoting my new novel. Also the cover of your book is beautiful. I wish you many sales for this book, and success with your promotional activities.

  2. Pat williamson says:

    Hope tomorrow goes well for you and yo get amazed by early sales.


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