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Word of mouth is what sells

on August 28, 2013

Word of mouth is what sells — so if my latest book is going to reach all the people who need it, somehow they’re going to have to hear about it. From other people.

This is where launch teams come in. I think it’s a great idea — enlist lots of friends/Facebook friends/other people willing to help and give them free copies of the book to show around and piles of flyers to give away or leave in suitable places. All volunteers welcome!

I realise I should have started this enlistment ages ago before publication date so we were ready to hit the ground running. But better late than never.

I’m working through my own checklist of promotional opportunities. Yesterday we held a tea party in our local Christian bookshop, the Sign of the Fish in the Market Place, Halesworth.

Launch of Still Caring at the Sign of the Fish 1

True, we didn’t get crowds. Maybe to get crowds you have to be very famous — an A-list author like J. K. Rowling — to have people queuing round the block for their signed copy, cup of tea and slice of cake! But I’m very grateful to my friends for their support, and for our visitors from further afield. It was definitely a lot better than the signing/launch of my first Christian book when only my friend Jane who had come to support me and the very embarrassed bookshop staff were there!

As I’ve said before, I find these things uncomfortable, but yesterday, surrounded by lovely Christian people taking tea and eating cake, it really did feel more like a party than a book-promotion occasion. Even the arrival of a local journalist with camera and instructions for a group photo didn’t dent our fellowship.

And maybe, once again, that’s the key: never forgetting who we are, Who we belong to and why we do what we do. It’s not for us or about us. It’s not (ever!) about making our fortune! It’s about serving God through serving His people. And I sincerely hope that my book will do that.

Once they know about it. So it’s back to work, ignoring the discomfort!


2 responses to “Word of mouth is what sells

  1. Pawesome! Congratulations! Glad you had a great time =^.^=

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