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Still Caring on Air

on September 4, 2013

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Lesley Dolphin is a great interviewer. I was her sofa guest this afternoon at BBC Radio Suffolk, there to promote my new book Still Caring. But Lesley had read the biographical bumph I’d provided and while she gave my book and the really important topics of dementia and residential care generous air time, we also ranged widely over other topics — but in as relaxed a manner as if I’d been sitting chatting with a girlfriend over a mug of tea (provided by Lesley’s assistant Sarah).

I decided to go to Ipswich by train – since I live near a railway station and have a railcard that gives me a discount. I thought it would be fun, a little treat, to go by train and much less stressful than driving and trying to get parked in a town I don’t know at all well. The train journey was delightful, through lovely countryside, and I had time for a gentle amble from the station up to a CLC Christian bookshop just across the road from the studio.

Being mindful that my purpose today was to promote the book, I checked whether the shop had stock. Ah woe! but the minute I told the staff what I was doing today and showed them Still Caring and its companion One Day at a Time, they declared they would order some. And when I said I was building up a case of nerves, one of the women staff said ‘Then we’ll pray’ and she came round the counter, put her hand on my shoulder and prayed!

I could feel the peace she asked for just slide over me like a silken robe. Quite amazing. And thus blessed, off I went for the interview. Which was a joy, thanks to Lesley’s professionalism and genuine personal interest and friendliness.

If you want to listen to it, you can by going to BBC Radio Suffolk’s website and then clicking on Lesley Dolphin. The interview was recorded between 3 and 4 p.m. today (4th September) and will be able to listen to again from tomorrow. Sarah, Lesley’s assistant, gave me a CD of the interview to take home. But I don’t think I dare listen to it! And if you want a copy of the book, SPCK Publishing’s website has an online bookstore.

And now today’s promotion activity is done, I can relax! (And if you’re thinking of doing radio interviews to promote your books, do take the plunge! It’s great fun. Really!)




2 responses to “Still Caring on Air

  1. My mum and dad live near Ipswich and listen to Radio Suffolk, they talk about all the presenters as if they are personal friends! And I used to do some volunteering there when I was a student , on the Sunday morning “God-slot” although I’ve now moved away from the area.
    I’m glad you had a good experience!

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