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Making God smile

on October 10, 2013

I like autumn. I love the blaze of colour – the defiance of the season. No going down to winter tamely! And that’s how I want to be as I get older and approach the autumn/winter of my life.

So this afternoon, getting ready to be guest speaker at the local Methodist Women’s Fellowship meeting, I chose shiny black knee-high boots (with heels), a flirty black cord skirt (reminded me of Regency novel covers with heroines in riding habits!), bright pink roll-neck, black and white herringbone tweed jacket – and one of my favourite brooches.

Digital Image

Yes, he’s a bat. A shiny black bat with sparkly pretend-diamond eyes.

I have just checked my concordance and it appears that the bat appears twice in the Bible – both times in a list of birds not to be eaten by the Israelites. The texts are Leviticus 11:19 and Deuteronomy 14:18. Leviticus even goes so far as to say that the bat – and the other birds in the list (eagle, vulture, kite, raven horned owl, screech owl, gull, any kind of hawk, various other owls, the stork, any kind of heron, and the hoopoe) are not to be eaten because they are detestable.

I find myself straying into controversy here – although I definitely don’t like vultures. I do think they are detestable! However, in light of the New Testament and God’s explicit revelation to Peter in Acts 10:9-16, repeated three times to make sure Peter got the point, while I wouldn’t like to eat any of these birds, I’m happy not to have to detest them.

And I like my bat. When I lived in Somerset, we would get virtually silent flights of pipistrelle bats around the front of our house on hot summer nights and we’d stand outside trying to spot them winging past, their little mouths open to gobble up the night-flying insects attracted by the house lights.

My bat brooch amuses me. I wonder did God make quirky things for His amusement as well as ours? Giraffes, for example. Clown fish. God’s creation makes me smile.

I’d like to make God smile.

Wearing my brooch to a meeting of His people – maybe that’s a tiny step in the right direction?




2 responses to “Making God smile

  1. Mr Bat looks lovely! I saw a real one once, they’re so quick! I loved watching him! =^.^=

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