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Hello again!

on November 18, 2013

Blog breaks have become quite the trend recently. It’s true writers need to clarify their priorities – and writing that book definitely comes first. So sometimes a break from writing the blog can be a needed respite. But there are withdrawal symptoms!

Comments, feedback and blog stats  reassure us that we’re not alone out here in our ivory towers. Or in my case the back bedroom of my house looking out over a misty moisty November afternoon. It’s really good there are people out there making the effort and taking time to read what we’re up to. That our words are not withering like the leaves on the autumn trees and falling unseen into an unlovely deep-mulch gutter.

So thank you for reading what I’ve been writing. I hope you’ve found something to interest or entertain or inspire or encourage you. Because that’s what I care about: you, and interesting, entertaining, inspiring and encouraging you.

I have a picture in my head of my readers – smart, lovely, more females than males (though the males are very welcome too), and probably Christian, or at the very least women of spirit, women of faith.

This weekend I went to Penhurst in the south-east of England to a Christian retreat centre in a lovely old house.

Digital Image

The event was a weekend retreat on Writing Christian Fiction.

Tea break on the way home

Tea break on the way home

But I also came back with a much clearer idea of what I’m up to. My mission, if you like. My USP. In writing and preaching, in talks and classes, what I really want to do is interest, entertain, inspire and encourage – particularly God’s beloved daughters in Christ.

Because you’re worth it.

And He loves you.

And there’s a lot more good stuff waiting for you.

I’m particularly delighted to get to be part of the sharing so I’m committing to finishing the final run-through and polish of ‘the novel’ (ooh, I need a good title for it! We may need to talk about this in a few days). Book 2 is rapping with gentle insistence on my mind. Starting once again in my birthplace of Wick in Scotland, it takes the reader to Canada during the Klondyke goldrush, then Buenos Aires… But more on that later! And I’m committing to blogging on a regular basis again.

So, hello again.

I’m back.


8 responses to “Hello again!

  1. well done for getting back to the blogging. I was going to do the same. However, a knock on the door from my neighbour down stairs telling me that there was water coming from my bar swim through his light fitting kind of stopped any blog writing this morning! I hope to get a blog post done by the end of the week.:-)

  2. Marion says:

    Delighted to ‘see’ you Dorothy. Looking forward to updates – and for details of the w/end.

  3. poetry joy says:

    Welcome back, Dorothy. We’ve missed your voice of entertainment, interest, inspiration and encouragement laced with gentle humour! Good to see and hear from you again, my friend! Blessings 🙂 x

  4. Helen Murray says:

    Glad you’re back. Missed you.

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