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If it’s worth doing…

on November 20, 2013

I love routine. So it’s a delight for me this week to slip back into my daily routine of working on the novel for the first hour of the day and sitting down to write for my blog later in the afternoon.

Routine creates an effortlessness, a peace, about getting things done. I like that! But of course there are always things that crop up and simply have to be dealt with. The trick, I think, is a mix of tenacity and flexibility: tenacity to do the things that matter, flexed to permit the urgent to be done too.

Today came packed so full there didn’t seem to be any wiggle room. And then I slept late. Dark wintry mornings – and I regress to a hibernatory state! How to get through it all?

I reckon my motto should probably be ‘If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing as well as you can in the time you’ve really got available which might not be brilliant but is definitely better than nothing.’ (Though obviously I prefer to have plenty of time to do things perfectly!!)

So maybe not a full hour on the novel this morning but I was able to come back to it this afternoon. And in between, as well as a gorgeous hour at the Ark, our mother and baby/toddler group where one brave mum allowed me to hold her very beautiful tiny new baby and another’s delightful toddler decided I was safe enough to sit on for a while (both real treats for a live-alone with no children or grandchildren of her own), I took the train to Lowestoft and offloaded all that horrid financial stuff onto my brilliant accountant who really believes that one day my books will make real money for him to protect from the Inland Revenue!

Digital Image

And then on the train home, I met up with an old friend I haven’t seen for more than five years and we whiled away the journey catching up.

Maybe I’m just learning a little wisdom as I grow older – but I’m sure, not so long ago, I’ve had got decidedly stressed about a day like this.


4 responses to “If it’s worth doing…

  1. Rosie Hector says:

    Thank you for this encouragement Dorothy – I know how you feel! Rosie

  2. Fran says:

    I’ve lost my ‘routine’ since going part-time as a teacher – at least when I was full-time there was no ambiguity about what I’d be doing at any one moment – marking, planning, marking, planning … fitting writing-related activities in was a struggle. Now, I work different hours every day and then the school has a fortnightly timetable just to make it worse, so it’s different from week to week. Impossible! More spare time, but no real routine, so it’s difficult to get into a pattern. Still, can’t complain. At least I do have time to write now. I just need to be disciplined about it. (She says, hopefully.)

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