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Trusting, despite the fog

on December 11, 2013

We’ve had fog. Damp, dreich, grey.

Digital Image

It matched my mood, where I feel I am in my life, unable to see the way ahead clearly. Like the cat peering through the murk.

Digital Image

Yet there is something soothing about walking round the garden in the fog. There is beauty here, and I am reminded that so long as we are walking with God, all is well, as Julian of Norwich tells us. All things are well and all things will be well.

And in my perambulation of this December garden, I come across a sudden brightness. Yellow leaves and glistening drops of water. But more powerfully, this little bush is covered in sharp pointy alive buds! Buds that point the way to spring.

Digital Image

Buds that assure of spring and reassure that what I’m going through now is not everything. There is hope and a future, because God says there is. He has planned it (Jeremiah 29:11). All I have to do — all we have to do — is trust.


2 responses to “Trusting, despite the fog

  1. Beautiful buds and I love the cats eyes in the second photo! =^.^=

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