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Hope that never dies

Hi there. It’s been a while – last year, when everything was rather miserable and foggy – my life and the weather, both! Today’s still grey but I’m glad to report the fog seems to have lifted on my life. And looking back over the past couple of months, I’m amazed at the changes – and how delicately God has woven in perfect timing and paths that crossed and good things.

My husband, John, is now very happily settled in a specialist dementia-care home. We’d been to see it when he was well enough to agree it was the right next place, but also to decide that the time for a move had not yet come. When a room became available, it was time for a move – and John was enthusiastic about it. He loves the new place – and so do I. I am welcome there and treated with kindness. John is receiving the care he needs, from cheerful compassionate people. And my visits are enjoyable and therefore more frequent.

And yes, I know about honeymoon periods!  But I’m counting my blessings and thanking my heavenly Father for His goodness.

It may be a grey day out there, but where God is there is hope that never dies, so here’s a hopeful picture to brighten today!

Digital Image


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