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What you have to do to publish a book

on November 10, 2014

“Writers are people who write.” Well, that used to be the case. All you had to do was write and a whole bunch of other lovely people saw to everything else involved in getting a book out: copy-editing, proofreading, page design, cover design, publicity and promotion and marketing, sales and distribution, and even nicer, royalty statements!

But the world has changed. Some few authors still go along the traditional lines. Many more create a more independent career. This ranges from full-on self-publishing, even to the extent of setting up one’s own publishing company, to making use of one of the many packages on offer to take the slog out of getting a book and an e-book conversion ready for market.

I’m not quite sure what the route I’ve chosen is called. Zaccmedia are a publishing company and are doing everything I’d expect of a publishing company but I have much more input and involvement – which I’m loving. It’s much more of a co-operative venture.

The other day the ISBNs were allocated and suddenly everything began to seem real! Last week I saw the planned cover. That was a huge wow moment!

When the Boats Come Home cover

So here it is. My Christian historical novel about the Scottish fisher lassies. The paperback will probably retail at £7.99 (296pp) and will be orderable around 14th December. It will also be available in Kindle and other formats, on Amazon etc. Hopefully this will solve the Christmas present problem for Christian women who like a good read.

Meanwhile, as with traditionally published authors, I’m thinking about marketing – I love doing interviews, giving talks and writing articles and blogs so that’s no hardship. I love the book, the background and the characters, so they’re easy to talk about!

And somehow I have to find time to keep producing 2000 words a day for the next one! More about that another time!


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