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Published today!

on December 18, 2014


When the Boats Come Home, my new book is out today. This is more exciting than I ever imagined. And it’s not even my first book. It’s my 11th.

But it’s fiction.

I’ve had a children’s fiction picture book published before (It’s Hard to Hurry When You’re a Snail, published by Lion and illustrated by the wonderful Thomas Taylor — findable nowadays on Amazon) but this is my first work of grown-up fiction to be published. And it is a dream come true.

Long, long ago I wrote a school essay confessing that what I wanted to be when I grew up was an author. I think I was probably around 11 or 12 at the time. A voracious reader, I aspired to adding to the great reads on the library shelves — and what I wanted to write was fiction. Stories.

I’ve had lots of non-fiction published — articles and books. But somehow it’s not the same. Only fiction seems to hold that magic top slot for me. And so when the box of books arrived this morning with my ten author’s copies, when I finally held my first published novel in my hands, I was almost wordless with joy — and praise to my Heavenly Father Who made it all happen.

There’s still work to do — publicity and promotion, giving talks and interviews, making sure people know about it. And then of course, to finish the next one!

If you’d like to buy a copy, the paperback is available from the publisher’s bookstoreAmazon UK and Amazon US; e-versions are available for Kindle, Nook etc. I hope you enjoy it. Do let me know!


6 responses to “Published today!

  1. Alex Kwok says:

    Dear Dorothy,
    My name is Alex Kwok, an Ethics and Religious Studies teacher in a secondary school in Hong Kong. I wonder if you are the compiler of the book “The Westminster Collection of Christian Prayers”. I was thrilled to find in the book the school prayer of our college on page 196, prayer#95.5, “Make us receptive and open ….” etc.
    I tried to reach the author, Huub Oosterhuis, to thank him but could not. I wonder if you can give me some assistance.

    Yours in the Risen Lord
    Alex Kwok

    • Dear Alex,
      Yes, I compiled the Westminster Collection of Christian Prayers. I’m afraid I cannot help you trace Huub Oosterhuis. I found his prayer in another collection of prayers compiled by Mary Batchelor and published by Lion, and there were no further details about him. I’m sure you’ve tried Google…
      Kind regards

    • Dear Alex,
      I’ve checked my notes on that book and discover I found the prayer in another anthology which did not provide source details so I can’;t help you further. The only information I have on him is that he was a Dutch Jesuit. I’m sorry! Maybe back to Google?

  2. Gloria Peters nee Gordon says:

    Hi Dorothy
    Have just been given your book from my Aunt in Wick. Beautiful story, very compelling, I couldn’t put it down. My Granny was a herring gutter and my grandfather was a Cooper so your book told me things I never knew. Don’t know if u remember me from Wick High School, we are the same age and I remember your Mum very well. God Bless your future writings Regards Gloria

    • Hi Gloria,
      I’m delighted you enjoyed the book. It was a joy to research and write. I’m going to be up in Wick 20th June till early July to visit my sister and promote the book. Really looking forward to it.And I’ve just finished the first draft of the next one…. What are you up to these days, and where are you? Kind regards, Dorothy

      • Gloria Peters nee Gordon says:

        Thanks Dorothy, my friend Margaret Mackay has also bought your book. She is friendly with Anna. Hope all goes well for you in Wick,will tell my cousin when you will be there. I have lived in Lancashire, with my husband, for past 26 years, all relatives gone now and we miss them. My Mum kept detailed notes re the Harbour and all the old shops in Wick plus the prices in 1930. I fished them out yesterday as I felt nostalgic after reading your book. God Bless your future work Dorothy Regards Gloria

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