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How to do a book signing

on April 10, 2015

There I sat at the table in the bookshop, a pile of books at my right hand, waiting. My friend Jane prowled. And chatted to the bookshop staff. And brought me coffee. And encouraged me. And gave me a lift home a couple of hours later when no one had turned up to buy a copy of the book.

I put my best signing pen away and thought “Never again!”  But tomorrow I shall be out there – at a different bookshop: Waterstone’s in Lowestoft – from 11 a.m. till 1 p.m. There will be another table, another pile of books, and me sitting there pen in hand, waiting.

But this time, hopefully, I’m older and wiser. This time I’ve put some effort into advance publicity and so has the bookshop. The results, I hope, will be different – and much more pleasing for the shop and me.

Between us we’ve contacted:

  • the local print media (local newspapers)
  • local radio (BBC, community and independent)
  • local churches (my book is a Christian novel)
  • all the folk I know within reasonable reach of the shop

I’ve already done a number of radio and press interviews and an author talk. I’ve produced flyers and they’ve been distributed in relevant places. And the word is beginning to spread about the book. It may be a drip drip approach but the impact is building.

I’m nervous, of course! What if nobody comes? Well, egg on face. But anyone who does come will be greatly valued! Just turning up really matters. Just as just trying really matters.

Digital Image

When the Boats Come Home cover

I’m proud of the book. The cover is beautiful, and the feedback I’m getting on the content, the story and the characters is really encouraging. In fact I’m feeling the pressure as folk demand to know when the next one will be out! That’s the next task… but first…. think of me at 11 a.m. tomorrow morning. I’ll be there. It would be lovely if you could be too!


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