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Good guys v. bad guys

on April 17, 2015

I’m really enjoying being back in harness with the new novel and have clocked up 48,000 words to date. If I stick to one hour each morning and 1,000 words a day, I should complete my first draft of c.80,000 words by the first week of June.

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But what I’m finding fascinating is how much easier it is to write about the bad guys than it is about the good guys.I seem to be able to think up all sorts of interesting tangles and scrapes for the bad guys but when it’s the good guys’ turn I grind to a halt. So they’re good. OK. I remember I used to read books by an author who always showed one of her characters being kind to children and animals. You instantly knew this was the good girl. I suppose I could do this but you can only do it once!

Even in the gospels they slide over the growing-up years of Jesus with the statement ‘ He grew in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and men’ (Luke chapter 2 verse 52). Is good boring to read about?

Our characters need to be fully rounded people so, like us, they will have vices as well as virtues. But I’m at first draft stage when the plot is thundering along like a steam train and there’s no time or energy for finesse. Hopefully I’ll return to my good guys with more ideas on the second go-round.

Meanwhile I’m having great fun with my chief bad guy who is being forced to toe the line for a while. Fully intending to subvert the innocent young heroine’s duenna (1900 Buenos Aires) he is appalled to discover that Donna Maria Conseula is incorruptible.

He finds himself having to behave as the perfect gentleman to win the hand of the fair lady. It’s enormous fun to write – and I hope will be good to read!



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