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The packing stage

on June 13, 2015

One and a half bags packed.

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I’ll need another for my books – Bible, diary, study guides, pens and notebooks. And then of course there will be  a few boxes of books – my books, for sale.


And the technology bag with my kindle, iPad, laptop, and all the miscellaneous chargers and bits and pieces. And of course the last-minute things hurriedly stuffed into more bags and squeezed into corners in the car.

I’ve packed enough for eight days – because it will be six days till I get to my sister’s and her washing machine, and the weather may not be good for drying clothes so I may need another couple of changes. And then I remember Jesus sending His disciples out in Luke 9. ‘He told them “Take nothing for the journey – no staff, no bag, no bread, no money, no extra tunic”.’

I’ve packed several tunics – t-shirts – long-sleeve ones and short-sleeve. I’ve debated about the bag. My preference is for my backpack – but I suppose I’ll need a ladylike handbag too. I don’t use a staff (though I hope His rod and staff will be going with me,along with Him). No bread? I was planning on apples, and some bottled water. No money! Ah, but what about credit cards? Do they count?

I think I travel light, compared to many women. When I lived and worked in Northern Nigeria, I could travel for three months round Europe on one medium-sized suitcase thanks to that amazing book, Europe on $10 a day, which taught me about minimalism, and stringing up washing in hotel bedrooms.

Now I’ve written this, I’m tempted to race back into my bedroom and hurl half my packing back in the wardrobe! But I won’t. I remind myself why I’m doing this.  My task of sharing the good news of God’s love needs to be lived as well as preached – and that means turning up travel-stained and rumpled just won’t do. It doesn’t honour either my heavenly Father Who looks after me magnificently or His people whom I’m going to be visiting.

So, back to the packing and finding that happy moderation that will work for this trip without hassle!


2 responses to “The packing stage

  1. Fran says:

    I’ve travelled lighter and lighter over the years since I gave up driving and now go everywhere by train and bus. Of course, a Kindle helps, replacing the six or seven books I would (unrealistically) pack in my suitcase …. Have a good trip!

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