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Day Six: got here! Wick!

on June 19, 2015

it’s been a day of driving so I’ve taken lots of pics. As I headed into the mountains, I was amazed to see there’s still snow on the high tops.

The bridges crossing each side of the Black Isle provide stunning views.  
I decided not to go the quicker (easier) route round past  Invergordon. Instead I set my trusty little wagon up the heights of Struie and was rewarded by fabulous views at the top.

There’s vast swathes of pure white bog cotton on the moorlands and the roadsides and hills are ablaze with golden broom.


I kept an eye out for sheep ambling onto the unfenced roads but had no sheepy encounters. So here’s some enclosed ones!

 After a short break at Poppy’s in Golspie (and a piece of most excellent chocolate brownie) 
it was time tocomplete the last thirty miles for Wick. And here I am. 

Whew. In total, since I left home on Sunday, that’s 693 miles. Feet up time!


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