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Day 7: Wick- Harbour Day

on June 20, 2015

Not a clear day – the haar had crept in – but though misty, today has been pleasantly mild and mainly dry – pretty good for the annual Harbour Day. So after a nice long sleep, a good breakfast and a catch-up with a friend who turned up on my sister’s doorstep (I hadn’t seen her since 4th year at secondary school!), we visited the Blue Tree Gallery (a fabulous quirky crafts shop which also stocks books) and left a small supply of When the Boats Come Home. After lunch, we went down to the harbour.

Digital Image

The marina was filled with brightly decorated boats and the area was crowded with people. A small stage hosted young highland dancers and the pipe band marched and played.

Digital Image

Digital Image

There were lots of stalls and boat trips round the bay. In the old herring market, the Wick Society (a first-rate heritage association) was showing old film of the area and the renovation of their wonderful Fifie fishing boat, the Isabella Fortuna.

And of course Johnny Depp was there, on a pirate boat.

Digital Image

And then we had to have tea at Wicker’s World (our cousin Irene’s cafe). Not chocolate brownie this time but bakewell tart (mine) and a luscious ginger and lime concoction.

Digital Image

A lovely day off.


One response to “Day 7: Wick- Harbour Day

  1. nannypat22 says:

    Sounds like it is going well. Prayers for tomorrow. Pat

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