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Day Nine: Wick: Recognising what matters

on June 22, 2015

Today has been a day of meeting up with friends and family that I haven’t seen for a while. In one case since 1968! It’s great to see them. And it’s delightful that so many of them are instantly recognisable and to my eye barely different from when I went away. Some have recognised me instantly. Others have said I look even more like my sister than when we were young. But some have said they wouldn’t have recognised me.

People do change though it doesn’t always show on the outside. I think I’ve changed. I hope I’ve changed. There’s been a lot of water under the bridge, a lot of good and quite a lot of not-so-good, and I hope it’s made a difference – a good difference.

Coming back after so long, and thinking back from where I am now – in life and theology – I can feel pieces of the jigsaw slot into place in a new way. New pieces of information, things I just wasn’t interested in at that age, people I maybe didn’t see very clearly…

Walking with my sister and her friends yesterday, my experience was enriched by the way they noticed and recognised so many plants that I might have overlooked. And they knew the names of the plants too.

Pink purslane

Pink purslane

Water avens

Water avens

Heath spotted orchid

Heath spotted orchid

Maybe I always knew this but now I realise how important it is to really see the people in our lives, to notice them, to recognise them for who they really are, to know their names – and to stay in touch!


The foodie bit! Not cake today or chocolate brownie but mackerel, fresh-caught out of the sea today and brought round to my sister’s for my brother-in-law to fillet for our supper by my friend Anne’s husband Francis. Thank you!

Digital Image


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