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Day Eleven: Wick: Still no cheesecake!

on June 24, 2015

Last day for me at school then a treat lunch (though still no cheesecake).

Yesterday I set S4 and S5 a 50-word story challenge – not an easy thing. But most of them came up trumps. Just a pity we didn’t have time to read them all (though some of them might be quite glad about that!). Good practice though for the Scottish Book Trust competition – with prizes, and a special under-18s category. Worth checking out.

Digital Image

Photo credit: Jake Nye

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Photo credit: Laura Nicholson

Having cracked fiction, we turned to non-fiction and tore through that in half an hour. Using yesterday’s blog as an example, I realised what a bad example it was! Must do better! And of course that made writing today’s all the harder…

But lunch was lovely. At the Bord de l’eau, French restaurant on the riverside at Wick, three of us enjoyed delicious sea bass in dill and lemon butter, with the most yummy dauphinois potatoes. And of course puddings!

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