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Day Fourteen: Caithness: Visiting the ancestors

on June 27, 2015

The sun came out today! And it was so warm I took my jacket off!

Digital Image

Proof positive!

My sister is a family history enthusiast so this afternoon we went out for a drive to some special places. First we went to Thrumster where my maternal grandmother lived for around the last ten years of her life. We visited her there regularly and both have happy memories of the place. From there we went to Sarclet. The name derives from Norse words for a bad wet slope and there is a very bad slippery path down to the harbour.

Digital Image

Digital Image

Next we went to Ulbster and climbed over a gate to walk through the ruins of Ulbster Mains and down to the Ulbster Burial Ground and the Sinclair Mausoleum.

Digital Image

Ulbster burial ground

Digital Image

Sinclair Mausoleum

The mausoleum was built in 1700. Broad stone steps lead up to the first-floor main room with its wonderful roof interior.

Digital Image

Digital Image

There’s a trapdoor which gives onto a D-shaped vaulted burial chamber underneath. (We got into the first-floor bit but not the vault!)

Digital Image


Walking back up past the ruined mill, the old mill-race is filled with flag irises, bordered in frothy cow parsley.

Digital Image

Last we took ourselves to Thrumster cemetery where my sister showed me the gravestone of my great-great-grandparents Donald and Helen Miller.

Digital Image

And tonight? Ah, serious stuff: a pudding tasting – for charity!


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