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Day Fifteen: Sunday afternoon walk in Caithness

on June 28, 2015

Yes, it rained. On and off. But the sun also shone, beautifully. So my sister, her friends and I were able to have an excellent walk at Dunbeath, south of Wick.

Digital Image

I remember Dunbeath as the place with the amazing hairpin bends on the way to my grandparents in Berriedale. Now a wonderful swoop of modern road cuts across the old road. Today my sister and I first took a look at the restored watermill by the wonderful peat-brown river at the start of Dunbeath Strath.

Digital Image

Then we parked by the harbour and met up with her friends.

Digital Image

With Tipsy the dog, we walked along the shore towards beautiful Dunbeath Castle.

Digital Image

And then the batteries in my camera gave up so no more pics! But we walked all the way along to the huge rock to the right underneath the castle,and then all the way back and up the hill, over the bridge and back to the cars parked at the harbour. And then we went for tea. Of course.


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