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Day Seventeen: Wick: Ambling in the sun

on June 30, 2015

A day of ambling, strolling, and enjoying the lovely sunny weather, bringing back memories of childhood – and maybe I can claim much of it as research for the next book!

First a walk up the river.

Digital Image

Looking away from town

Digital Image

Looking towards the town

Then after lunch, we went down to the harbour where timber was being loaded onto a boat bound for Scandinavia and paper-making.

Digital Image

The sun shone, the sea was deep blue,and the sky clear blue – so on we went round the south head.

Digital Image

My sister pointed out to me the remains of the breakwater Robert Louis Stevenson’s father was commissioned to build out into the bay. Despite several attempts, the breakwater was never completed – storms kept tearing off huge lumps of concrete and stone weighing over a thousand tons – and the project was finally mothballed.

Digital Image

Out to the Trinkie – the sea-filled outdoor swimming pool where our mother taught us to float when we were very small.

Digital Image

Digital Image

And then back in to Wellington Street (and Granny Leslie’s house from my novel, When the Boats Come Home).

Digital Image

We ended up with a cold drink (and a cake!) at the very impressive Pulteney Centre, which offers facilities, hosts courses and a wide variety of groups – all run by the Pulteneytown People’s Project.

This evening is more research – a visit to an old friend to hear about her trip to Buenos Aires. And yes, that does come into the next book!


One response to “Day Seventeen: Wick: Ambling in the sun

  1. Beverley Beales says:

    It looks wonderful Dorothy, glad you are having a great time!
    Got my postcard yesterday, see you in 3 weeks, Bev x

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